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Roy Kay
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Attached is the Chapter Planning and Assessment Guide for 2018. We rate as a Bronze Chapter and will receive $500 in income from the national in 2019.

We have part of the 2019 event schedule in varying degrees of definitiveness:

1) February - Presentation and Tour of Ohio Elastomers, with an overview of rubber in spring rate applications. (Watch for information to come soon!)

2) Possible participation in Cleveland Technical Societies Council "Engineering Night at the Q"

3) Alliance for Working together robo-war competition and ancillary programs.

4) Working on a presentation/tour of Parker-Hannifin

5) (Surprise John Ribic!) Haven't brought this up at the board yet, but last year we had a presentation on Machine Utilization Tracker at Fredon. At the board meeting John Ribic of Rimeco should us how this was implimented in his company. There is much to be said for follow-up implimentation programs so people see the step-by-step application involved. Also, Rimeco moved just recently and set up operations in what is for now, a well tuned use of the building. So, I will be pitching this. (Send some fan mail folks to make this happen!)

4) End of the Year Holiday Meeting and Installation events.

We can probably do better and I note some possibilities:

A) Tap into CSTC for more programs and participants. Note: we look to be the organization that gives the greatest advanced notice

B) Other things that we can do
1.  Visits / Tours of Local Manufacturing Plants - This is the main stay of our activities                                                        
2.  Visits / Tours of Research Facilities - Know of any that you would like us to check out?                                                          
3.  Visits / Tours of Educational Institutions (ex: Universities, Trade Schools, etc.) - We'll check this out. Any ideas?                                               
4.  Visits / Tours of Businesses (not included in 1,2,3 above) - Considering what might be relevant                                                                                         
5.  Local Trade/Tool Shows or Expos. - Can't think of anything, but you never know.                                                

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