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LIFT Off Webinar Presented By PMT Group
Advanced Engineered Materials and Magnetics
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Noon to 1:00 p.m. ET

The PMT group is the parent organization for seven companies in the advanced materials space. This group of companies has been developing materials science-based innovations for the past 25 years for a variety of industries in the government and private sectors.

Since 1996, Powdermet has been a developer and manufacturer of engineered powder and composites through powder metallurgy techniques. Today, Powdermet is focused on the production critical material such as titanium and niobium through the hydride/dehydride process, magnetic materials, and advanced P/M based composites and cermets for extreme environment applications. Terves was founded in 2013 to capture market in the oil and gas space, primarily focused on a patented suite of magnesium alloys used in temporary zonal isolation devices.

This presentation will highlight company history, capabilities and current focus areas and projects related to manufacturing engineering materials for the military.

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@Benjamin Reese 

LIFT organizes these webinars for their corporate members and makes them available to the public. 

That's all information there is. 


Ben Reese
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This sounds like a sales presentation. Is it?

If not, could we get an edit on the description?
If it is, why are they doing a sales presentation instead of something focused on the industry, their customer, or something with broader appeal? 

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