Machine Tool High School Curriculum Alignment Survey


I am working on a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education to align the Machine Tool Technology curriculum to employer needs. Through this process, we will align the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom with the skills employers need. Similarly, the working group will identify and recommend industry-recognized credentials that every student will have the opportunity to earn. We are looking for employers to guide our work. 


Employer participation in this grant process is vital to our success, as we are tasked with utilizing employer feedback to reshape the Machine Tool Technology curriculum statewide. Participation is simple and does not require a large time commitment; there will be a few short surveys, and we may ask for additional information via email. The information you provide will be invaluable to our work. 


To participate in this grant, please start with this short survey to help us identify the credentials and skills that are most important for your employees to have:


Employer Survey


Dan Kiehler - 

Machine Tool and Mechanical Design


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