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Hi everyone, I'm new to the SME stuff.  At Troy High School we've been rebuilding our engineering program with the help of SME Prime. As everything is happening, I am working on deepening the advisory committee and hoping to have more industry guidance to what can help our students better. Currently we are running a Mechatronics program and a Mechanical Drawing program. I am planning on hosting a meeting at Troy High February 16 in the evening. If you would like to attend or more information, please reach out and let me know.

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@Travis Balogh Travis, welcome to SME. It's nice to see emerging professionals make moves their peers usually don't to advance their learning and career growth early on.

Hi Travis, welcome to SME! I'm glad to hear that you've joined us. I have one grandson currently at Troy High and another that should be a freshman there in the fall who has expressed an interest in becoming a mechanical engineer. I've seen what the SME PRIME school program can do for schools and for their students, having visited a few during their launches this past school year. 

Although the links below show mostly images from this school year's first launch which was conducted in October, it shows the engagement of the students and if you have time to watch the program, some of the passion of one of the instructors who is involved.

Photos from Airport High School launch:

Video from the Airport high school launch (6 minutes):

The entire Launch meeting (42 minutes):

I hope to be at the meeting at Troy High on Feb. 16th. Look forward to meeting you!

Michael Scholl

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