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I am working on getting my Silver Lean Certification from SME. Does anyone in this group have this certification or any of the other Lean Certifications? My background is a BS in Operations Management with a minor in Materials Science and Engineering. I have been working in healthcare since graduation, starting out in supply chain, and have been in a Lean Facilitator role for 3 years now. I am looking for a mentor or anyone who has a passion for lean that wants a buddy to talk to. 

I don't see anything recent in the group. Is this group still active? I know COVID has changed things. Any virtual tours or group discussions?

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Thanks for the response Jim.

I have looked at Gemba Academy and watch a few of their free videos. Their pricing of $2995 for the black belt is out of budget.

I would be delighted to talk with your friend to learn what she did for certification. You could give her my email: brandi.danielle.reid@gmail.com 
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Hello Brandi Reid‍! Thank you for posting -- our Spokane chapter is still active. With regard to your question about lean certification, please consider posting your request in our Lean Community https://connect.sme.org/communities/discuss/128/158. I'll also have my colleague ‍Lynne Hall (https://connect.sme.org/profile/5884) reach out to you and assist you further.

Thank you again!
Hi Brandi
I have not noticed much activity in this group.
I have an engineer that works for me who earned his black belt certification through a place called The Gemba Academy.  We have a subscription to their website and can view many different learning modules.

You should check it out.  

Also, I have a friend who just received her Black Belt through another source, but i dont recall where.  If you would like her contact information, i could share that with you, she is pretty passionate about it....and is making a career out of it. She works in Spokane.


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