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Would anyone from Chapter 38 be interested in being a mentor for a high school student interested in manufacturing?
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Hello Rachel, 

As a mentor, you…
  • Shape the future of the aspiring manufacturing professionals by sharing insights, resources and connections.
  • Build your leadership skills as you motivate and encourage mentees.
  • Gain personal satisfaction knowing you’ve contributed to someone’s growth and development.
For the Mentor

For the Student:

The SME Mentorship Program connects mentors (professional members) with mentees (high school student members), allowing mentors to enhance their leadership skills and give back to the manufacturing community, while mentees get the help they need to achieve their personal, educational and professional development goals.

Once a mentor/mentee is approved to participate in the program, he/she will be added to the private Mentor Community. Mentees will then have the ability to search the mentor directory and reach out to their potential mentor with a connection request. They can then begin their interaction on SME Connect or via email if they so choose.

The time commitment can vary by mentor/mentee connection based on development goals. I would suggest 1 hour minimum per month to make it worthwhile for the students. At a max I think once a week would be great, but it depends on course load as well as Mentor time availability. I'm currently doing one hour every two weeks. Some weeks it is a quick 10 minute phone call and others is it 1.5 hours to review courses, resource materials, resume review, or recommend plant tours. Recently another mentor arranged for a plant tour of a plastic injection molding company in Grand Rapids and we had 7 students attend the tour and had a pizza before the tour started.

The program is available in Big Rapids, it is actually the entire Unites States as we have it rolled out to all High Schools for FREE membership. If you have a specific High School you would like to receive the invitation, let me know and I'll make a point of reaching out to the staff and provide the necessary overview and process.

Hello Mr. Johnson, 

Could I have more information to what you are looking for in a mentor for high school students looking to go into manufacturing? Is this for students in the Big Rapids area? How much time will need to be invested into the mentoring?

Thank You, 


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