Engineering Technology Students Seek SME Support
Two UNC Charlotte undergraduate mechanical engineering technology students came to my office to ask for assistance because they identify me as the "SME Guy".   While I am proud of that distinction, I need the SME community to come through for the students.  The main concept for their project is to be able to see a piece of industrial machinery in an application, and to relate concepts they are learning in their machine design class relative to the functionality of the machine they get to observe in practice.  They do not need to see anything propriety of course; they will need to take pictures of the equipment and machine components for their in-class presentation for a grade.  Someone in the SME community, with connections in Charlotte, NC, Southern Piedmont, or the surrounding area, can come through for these students.  The question is, who is willing to invite half a dozen budding engineers into their facility to enhance their machine design learning?  Come on SME show me what you are made of. Just one hour observing a real world application and discussing real issues and solutions with a manufacturing professional, during a lunch break, will make a huge difference for these students.   

Here's the course description.  ETME 3213 - Machine Design I:  Analysis and design of clutches, brakes, belts and roller chain. Indeterminate normal loading, superposition of stresses and deflections, compound stresses, columns, and fatigue. Theories of failure. Shaft design, deflections of shafts with non-uniform moments of inertia involving computer verification. Antifriction bearings, engineering materials, helical compression springs. Small mechanical component and system designs.

Reach out to me via SME Connect if you are wiling to live the SME mission to promote manufacturing technology and develop a skilled workforce.  

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Thanks Dianna. 
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