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The University of Alberta has recognized the importance of manufacturing sector for economic growth in Alberta. The fourth industrial revolution also called Industry 4.0 is trending globally; hence, it is necessary for manufacturing industries to catch up with these technologies. The government of Canada is also taking initiatives to promote the Industry 4.0 in manufacturing sector under the program “Joint Canada–Germany 2+2 call on Advanced Manufacturing–Industry 4.0.” Rafiq Ahmad, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta was one of the delegates who recently visited Germany with the Canadian NSERC and NRC program to establish collaboration and consortium to establish projects in advanced manufacturing areas. 

In this direction, to facilitate the production and manufacturing company’s growth, the university is conducting cutting-edge research for innovative technologies to strive operational excellence. Department of Mechanical Engineering is willing to consult (collaborate with) the manufacturing firms in Alberta, help the industry to calibrate their production operations as per the Industry 4.0 requirements. With this objective in mind, we need to understand the mindset of manufacturing industries; we are striving to map the industrial requirements across Alberta. 
Therefore, we request the SME members to share their valuable inputs by participating in the survey.

Please click here to take the survey. 

For more information contact us at You can also call 780.492.7180.

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