SME student member at ASU seeking mentoring.

My name is Moriah Faint. I am a student member of SME, and was recently appointed president of the student chapter (S043) at ASU Polytechnic. I am looking to grow the chapter's presence on campus and get more students involved and interested in manufacturing, connect with members of the senior chapter, and find mentors in my area. 
Is there anyone in the senior chapter, or who has experience with running student chapters, who would like to share their experience/advice? 
I am also looking for any kind of informational material that I can print up and give to students at outreach events, resources I can link in emails/newsletters, or good companies in the Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler area that I could arrange small-group student tours with. Any input would be welcome!

My email is if anyone would like to connect.

Thank you,
Moriah Faint

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