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41de7454f243571f4c983c96b1eb921c-huge-bcSME's Toronto Chapter 26 is the place for manufacturing engineers and manufacturing professionals to LEARN, CONNECT and ADVANCE.
SME's Toronto Chapter 26 is one of the oldest SME chapters, founded in 1939. It serves close to 500 members in the Toronto area. In addition, Chapter 26 is connected to approximately 6,000 nonmembers from industry, education and the public sector and to supporters, participants and hosts of our events and workshops.

SME's Toronto Chapter 26 Scholarship initiativeThe Joseph R. Benedetto Scholarship was founded by Toronto Chapter 26 in the mid-nineteen-nineties to acknowledge the significant contribution to the Chapter by Joseph R. Benedetto, (1931-2013), a long time member and past chapter chair. The goal of the scholarship is to support education in the engineering and manufacturing fields in Ontario. More details of the scholarship, related documents and forms can be accessed here. For any questions or discussions about the scholarship program, use this discussion channel.  
The goal of SME's Toronto Chapter 26 is to provide the manufacturing communities around Toronto and beyond with opportunities for education, communication and information sharing through our workshops, plant tours, presentations, networking and social events. 
SME Canadian operations offices are located in Markham, Ontario.

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Mohammad Naqvi
Hello I am wondering if I know that being SME member I have no access to technical paper free, in the past I used get ...
Mohammad Naqvi May '20
Good morning Mohammad Naqvi ‍. The tech paper is free for SME members — we apologize that this option did not appear ...
Hi Mohammad 
Thank you for reaching us. I believe, you can access articles in the following journals using SME ...
Ravi Karumanchiri
FOR THE 2019 PROGRAM YEAR: The Executive Board of SME Toronto Chapter 26 has announced the 'Official Slate' of ...
Hi Ravi,

It should be noted that if you wish to nominate someone else, this person must be a member in good standing, ...
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Executive team:
Amal Driouich, Chair
Vesna Cota, Chair-Elect
Madhukar Somireddy, Past Chair
Mohammad Naqvi, Secretary
Rick Marmei, Treasurer
Joseph R. Benedetto Scholarship Committee
P.V. Mahadevan
Amal Driouich
Toronto, Ontario, Canada