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Recent Topics

Joshua Maxton
Hi, What is a good way to estimate inventory and handling cost? This is for a small retailer of food items. I have ...
Joshua Maxton May '21
Hello Joshua Maxton ‍. Please see the response below from Dean Phillips:

Miguel Thomas
Good Afternoon, Wondering if anyone can point me to the lowest cost software (bonus points if free, a long shot, I ...
Miguel Thomas May '21
Hi Miguel,

I saw your posting on SME Connect and thought I might be able to help.

Please see the attached file for a few ...
Hello Miguel Thomas ‍. Please see the response below from Dean Phillips ...
Hi Carol, 

Thanks very much for your reply. I will give these a look.

Patrick Scukas
Hi all! I have been tasked with completing a comprehensive temperature study on a latge 5 axis CNC. I was wondering ...
Patrick Scukas Apr '21
I would recommend speaking with Jason Stanley with RavenTechnology. 

sent from my Galaxy ...
I have completed similar studies.  I recommend you follow the methodology of ISO 230-3 "Test Code for Machine ...
    Hello Patrick
    I have question
    Does your study covers the exposure to extreme temperature  in the work environment ...

    This study is to determine if temperature fluctuations are affecting our quality. We have an oversized ...
    Joshua Maxton
    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding centralized warehousing, sometimes known as the "hub-and-spoke" ...
    Joshua Maxton Mar '21
    Hello Joshua
    Use the following search term in google scholar
    Multi-criteria multi decision method  (MCDM), ...
    Hi Joshua,

    I saw your post about centralized warehousing and thought I might be able to help.

    See the attached ...
    Miguel Thomas
    Hello, I am searching for any technical papers or resources regarding degassing of materials that are roughly ...
    Miguel Thomas Jan '21
    Hello, Miguel.
    I have experience with degassing low viscosity polyurethane and high viscosity silicone. I've ...
    Hi Dave, 

    Thanks for the reply. I have seen the process that you are talking about. But due to the non-homogeneous ...
    Yes, it is important to size the container so that its volume is at least double the material volume. When the ...
    Hi Miguel,

    Here are 2 articles that may be helpful!

    Best regards,

    Carol Tower
    SME e-Librarian
    Great, thanks for the response. I will see if I can give this a shot. Any recommendations on reliable vacuum pumps? 
    Thanks Carol, I will give them a read!
    Hello, Miguel.
    When I was actively creating purchase requisitions for vacuum pumps, I relied on a sales rep who ...
    Hi David, 

    Thanks again for your feedback and links. I certainly understand the need for correctly sized chamber ...
    Not sure what your set-up looks like but have you tried to:
    1. degas/vibrate as you pour?
    2. degas/vibrate in ...
    Hello, Miguel.
    I think your theory is a good one to verify. It certainly looks plausible that shaking can entrap ...
    Paul Wilson
    1 16
    Hi, I am new to the Knowledge Resource Center but just wondering if someone could direct me to the location of ...
    Paul Wilson Dec '20
    Good morning Paul Wilson ‍!

    Thank you for posting in the Knowledge & Resource Center. Below are links to various ...
    Thomas Bussi
    Hello SME- What would be the appropriate industry standard approach to marking out features while turning a round ...
    Thomas Bussi Oct '20
    Zachary Bibik
    Hello! I am looking for any information to help me prepare for an upcoming technical interview. I am an EIT and ...
    Zachary Bibik Jul '20
    Hi Zachary,

    Here are a few links to articles on common interview questions on engineering fundamentals


    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for the helpful information!
    Have a great day!
    Richard Stuntebeck
    Hi Carol We are new to SME and I was made aware of this resource by one of my contacts.  I am wondering if you have any ...

    Hi Richard,


    I found 2 articles on how a few OEMs are changing their focus to Covid-19.


    One article is attached and ...

    Thank you Carol.

    I did not see the attached article.  What am i doing wrong?

    Richard Stuntebeck ‍ Please see the attached file.
    Thank you so much Diana!
    You're welcome, Richard Stuntebeck ‍!
    Patrick Scukas
    Hi all! I am a new member to the SME community and I am looking for information on cutting composites on CNC machines. ...
    Patrick Scukas May '20
    Hi Patrick,

    I saw your post on SME Connect about milling composites on CNC machining centers and thought I might be ...
    Thank You soo much!

    This is going to be a big help to me! I have been machining metal for over a decade and I have now ...
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