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Maxwell Lightstone 18229
Does anyone know how to access old technical reports?
I'm trying to get  MR 75-614, MR 74-120,  and  MR 70-277
Paul Finelt:
It is rewards to see that old stuff still has value. And SME IS A TREASURE TROVE!

They really do! I'm in ...

It is rewards to see that old stuff still hasvalue. And SME IS A TREASURE TROVE!

All the Best,
Paul Finelt


Evaluating Grinding Fluid Performance, from 1974
Mechanic of Grinding Fluid Delivery, from 1975, Trmal & ...
Hi Maxwell,

Please send all the information you have about the reports (title, author, etc.) to me and I'll try to ...
Howard Stallard 13560
Looking for needed information on how to designing a power spring.
What are the necessary dimensions required? ...
Good morning  Howard Stallard ‍! Please see another response below from Garrett Derr :

e: Re: Power/clock spring ...

Here are a few articles on Power Spring Design!
Here are a few articles that may help!
Look in machinery’s handbook

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Tony Bradford 17582
I am developing an eLearning course on locating program zero on the lathe. I understand that the Z0 is almost ...
Thanks for the feedback! So it sounds like you would rarely, if ever, place Z0 in a location other than the part face. ...
To locate program Zero on a lathe, face your stock and set the Z to 0.0.

Y 0.0 is the center of the spindle.

Program ...
Eric Lange 17712

I wanted to see if there were any opportunities to remove some of my company's dependency on petroleum based ...
Thank you! I will take a look and follow up asneeded.

Hi Eric,

For a start on this subject I posted 2 articles I hope will be helpful.  One is a chapter from the ...
Timothy Foran 3337
I am looking for a supplier that has impact lapping.  Not sure how this process works.
Anyone who has information ...
Timothy Foran ‍ Please see this post:

Mohammad Naqvi 1412
Hello I am wondering I do I get access to papers 
Good morning  Mohammed Monshi ‍. Carol Tower ‍ has access to CIRP papers. Is there a particular CIRP paper you're ...
Jim Redekopp 4476
I am seeking information on how ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coatings on glass breakdown due to high voltage.  When ...

Let me know if this helps, its a quote from a scholarly paper on the subject:

"The thermal degradation behavior of ...

You might check out the troubleshooting class in ToolingU.  The answer may not be there, but it might show any gaps ...
Muhsin Suleiman 9565

Trying to find resources (books/courses) that shed more light on how to assemble parts together
For ...

Thank you for the resources.
I was looking for something like this.
Check out how many fasteners loosen with vibration:

I'm involved in build to print projects, but sometimes drawings are not accurate and the floor needs ...
Hi Muhsin,

Here are a few resources on assembling plastic parts.  See the article at the following link - ...
James Kennedy, you have it nailed. I have never heard of an assembly HOW-TO book. Evertime the variables of ...
You will want to take the Tooling U-SME classes on fasteners to get up to speed on.
As far as assembly, you should ...

I saw your post in SME.

What sort of manufacturing are you involved in?

Sent from mySamsung Galaxy ...
Joshua Maxton 6593
I wanted to see if anyone had any good articles/essays or just opinions about ethics in engineering that ...
Hi Josh,

Here are 3 articles on Engineering Ethics I hope are helpful to you.  Let me know if you need more on this ...
Joshua Maxton 6593
My name is Josh Maxton. I am a junior Industrial Engineering student at Wichita State University. My courses ...
Hi Josh,

The gist of the Six Sigma thing is that in Lean Metrics you want to, instead of measuring wages against ...

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