Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message
What a great start to the new year! The first tour at Thermomass was impressive. Thermomass was the pioneer to the composite/concrete/foam market. It started with the simple idea of eliminating thermal loss through the metal connectors used to tie the concrete-foam-concreate sandwich for walls and slabs in new building construction.

It was interesting seeing the pultrusion process where strands of glass are dipped in resin and cured via heat. A unique process at a great company.  Thermomass has also automated much of the
process and is continuing to invest in automation with the plastic extrusion. We were able to see a
manual line vs and automated and line. It was incredible how much automation can improve the
efficiency of the process. Thanks to John Howell for setting up the tour!

Our March meeting has been changed to Danfoss Power Solutions We will reschedule the  Summit Products tour later in the year.
Danfoss designs and produces hydraulic pumps and motors for mobile equipment.  Please join us for the tour and dinner to follow. And please reach out to interested coworkers who might not be members. All are welcome to attend this tour!

Unfortunately, two long standing members of the chapter passed away late last year; Charlie Chaplin
and James Adams. The chapter donated $100 dollars to the student chapter in their memory. The
students have been using that to make a longboard (skateboard). The project has taught them different composite material manufacturing methods, 3D modeling, plastic extrusion printing, and how to work in a team.

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Mike Butler
Chapter 80 Chair



News letter Click here to view our March 2019 Newsletter Note the update and change of venue.  

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