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SME Minnesota May Meeting                       (April tour recap moved to end)
Robotics in First Response
As first responders deal with increasingly complicated situations, the equipment available to them has evolved to incorporated sensors, wireless and computer technology, and all the aspects of what we engineers know as robotics and automation.  Sensor technology allows the automated detection of hazardous or weaponized materials. Mechanical systems have automated the process of doing chest compressions. There are now turnkey systems to deliver emergency medical payloads.  Join us as Tommy Murdock teaches us about leading edge use of robotics in first response.
Thomas O. Murdock obtained a BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, a Ph.D. from the University of North Dakota, and completed postdoctoral studies at the Max Plank Institut fur Kohlenforschung (Mulheim, Germany) and the University of Minnesota.  His work experience includes positions in research chemistry, laboratory management and serving as a Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Medtronic world headquarters.
Tommy is also a retired volunteer firefighter, who has developed and taught hazardous materials classes and presented papers and research at national conferences.  He has been published in Minnesota Fire Chief and Fire Engineering magazines.  He is a consultant/member of a St. Cloud Emergency Response Team and has developed hazardous materials scenarios for Anoka county emergency response drills.
Date:               Thursday, MAY 13, 2021
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Time:               6:00 p.m.  Central Time
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Welcome to SME Minnesota State-Wide Chapter 11!

Members, Associates, and Friends:  We have suspended tours and in-person general meetings as directed by SME International.  We are currently planning to resume in-person events in the Fall of 2021.

We are holding executive committee meetings on Zoom, the first Tuesday of each month (except June and July). We invite you to join us; send an email to for the Zoom link.  The next Executive Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 5/4/21 at 5:30 PM.

SME Minnesota Chapter 11 is passionate about local manufacturing!  Our strategic & tactical plans for the current year can be found here.

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Virtual Tour Recap:  Pequot Tool and Manufacturing, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

On April 21, Sales Team Coordinator Jon Goerges took us on a virtual tour of Pequot Tool & Manufacturing. The company has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in CNC machining and turning, CNC punching and forming, laser cutting, stamping, welding, and assembly.  They serve companies in industries including aerospace, firearms, power sports, medical, semiconductor, printing, electrical and industrial equipment, and hydraulics. It was evident from the tour that Pequot operates a world-class manufacturing operation.

Much of Pequot’s manufacturing equipment is computer controlled and paired with robotic assistance.  They now have 15-20 cells using robots and co-bots to load/unload machines, even managing delicate parts kept in special handling trays.  They run tight tolerance, high finish parts 24/7, and were a manufacturer of ventilator components in the early stages of the Covid pandemic. Jon Goerges says that Pequot’s commitment to robotics has been critical to their success.

The company has three divisions:  sheet metal fabrication, contract manufacturing, and dedicated (long-run) manufacturing:
  • In the sheet metal area, tube lasers and modern CNC press brakes (programmed off-line) allow flexibility in parts run and quick setup.  Products made in this area include those for ATVs and fishing boats.
  • Contract manufacturing runs parts for the most diverse group of industries.   CNC machines, co-bots and robots improve efficiency for this division.  Robotic part handling, combined with sensors and cameras, allows process performance, errors, and status to be monitored, with the help of Factory Whiz software.
  • The dedicated manufacturing division handles high volume components and finished products.  An important customer/product is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle pistol.  In this area, engraving, serialization, and robotic bead-blasting are integrated right into the production line.  Five axis lathes are used to produce non-round parts, because the automatic bar feed capabilities allow the machines to run unattended for longer periods of time. 
A recording of this virtual tour is not available.  In lieu of a recording, visit the website and watch this 20-minute segment of Made for the Outdoors, featuring the design and manufacture of the Desert Eagle pistol.  If you have questions for Jon, he can be contacted at 218-568-8069 X227 or .

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