Leadership Panel Discussion

Who would be interested in participating in a panel discussion about Leadership Training and why it's important?

Are you willing to be open during the discussion?

Are you ok with sharing the stage with other participants?

Do you prefer to have a live discussion on SAVVY The Business Podcast or a private group discussion with others?

Are you interested in doing an interview with SAVVY The Business Podcast to share your expertise/business?

What other topics would you be interested in talking about?

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Hello Melissa, 

I never received confirmation or the link. Unfortunately I am going to be tied up in another meeting.

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No I have sent you messages via email. Please send
The panel discussion is today in 20 minutes.  An email was sent out to everyone and a reminder was just sent as well.  Will you still be able to join us and did you receive the link?

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I have not recieved a date for the discussion

Please check your emails to accept the invite so it can be plugged into your calendar.

Hi Melissa,

If you need more panel members, please let me know the discussion topic and i will be happy to reach out to my colleagues.  My mobile number is 913-991-8519.
Kind regards,

See my contact information in my email signature.

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Great point!  Can you send me your email or send me one at melissa@smginc.biz so I can share the details?  I am ready to gather everyone.


I am interested, need time and link. I would like to talk about  K through 12 education for manufacturing

I am interested in panel discussion