Side Machining with Countersink

I'm looking to create a slot for a fastener to allow movement, I can't find an end mill with the proper 41 degree chamfer (82 deg fasteners heads).  I've tested using our 1" shanked countersink for these short slots and have success cutting with these in Aluminum and Brass.   I'm being challenged now by management doing this due to an operator error and the question come to why we are doing it this way.  I've machined slots this way with slow feed rates with no issues, wanted to see if anyone else have done the same before.   These slots are 2" long. 

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I was under the wrong impression that a reply by email was direct to the discussion "Author" and not to Dianna Helka. 
It is fine that it appears here but I was surprised to see it. I notified my tool maker and he will be happy to get a call. Good luck Bryan. 
Dianna Helka
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Hi Bryan, I had a response come through email for your question. Please see below:

603 672 9118
Outback Grinding
Gary Emerling 
Tell him I sent you. 
Just ask him your question. 

Jim McMahon