Guidance for New Student Chapter

Hi, I am looking for guidance and suggestions for new activities to keep my chapter active that benefit my students. Thank you

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@Gicell Aleman
Our chapter was approved in early December 2023, and our spring semester started this week. I would appreciate it if you could let me know the local industries connected with SMEs and who will be willing to visit SUNY Canton as a guest speaker. 

@Michelle Hackett
Our students are mostly from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program, though as of now, it's a  general mechanical engineering major that can fit any industry. However, I am trying to take the program towards manufacturing and design, as I have 27 years of industrial experience. 

@Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Swaminathan
What is stuff you guys are currently doing?  I am currently trying to revive a student chapter so maybe I could help. Of course, you want to pour information to them and have them understand the value but students don't want that. With classes and other activities, having a lot of info could be much. You could use meeting times as also bonding time: have an activity for students to meet and get to know each other with you involved. If you can get speakers in that varies from people from companies to even some alumni. I am currently Chair of Worcester professional chapter in Massachusetts so if I can be of any help, please feel free to reach out. 

@Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Swaminathan
It might be a little bit easier to recommend suggestions if you can tell us a bit more detail about your students such as grade level or subject of their classes. I have launched a few student chapters consisting of CAD students. Tours and speakers as well as road trips to IMTS or other tradeshows perhaps? Thanks