Guidance for New Student Chapter

Hi, I am looking for guidance and suggestions for new activities to keep my chapter active that benefit my students. Thank you

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Thank you for your information. It was our pleasure to meet you and discuss. 

@Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Swaminathan

Hi again Prof. Dhanasekaran: a pleasure to have met you, Sam Servati, Chair, and the new SME Student Chapter Executive at SUNY Canton. Congratulations on your new Chapter accreditation. As discussed, here are the key SME contacts  would suggest to keep in mind: 

  • Heather Palermo and Jesse Archer, Chapter Relations; 
  • Sheronda Carr, VP Membership; 
  • Dianna Helka, Communications/SME Connect; and 
  • Vesna Cota, SME Chapter 26 (Toronto), Student Chapter development and keeping-up the momentum


Always happy to help and please keep in touch and hope to see you at MMTS '24 in June.

Bye, Charles - Chapter 50 Montreal 

@Tom Vihvelin
Thanks, Tom, I appreciate your information. 

@James McMahon
Yes, I have been responding to all suggestions. I will encourage our students to be involved in discussions. 

@James McMahon

Yes, two overnight stays were required.  The students raised money for the trip from local sponsors and from SME.  With all due respect, if you cannot understand why the students were excited to attend Eastec it would suggest you have never been. It is an experience to behold.  Eastec is one of the largest manufacturing shows in North American.  All of the latest manufacturing technology is on display with most of it powered up and making parts.  To watch a CNC machining centre or turning centre tear into a big chunk of aircraft aluminum sending chips flying in all directions and creating a beautiful, shiny part in only a few minutes is a sight that thrilled and inspired them to point their careers into the manufacturing sector.  I have been in manufacturing for many decades, yet I learn so much from Eastec and it is a joy to debrief with my students afterwards as they share what they learned and observed.

And yes, they all had to write a report on the show.  The trip to Eastec was not an experiment. It was meant to inspire and educate my students and that goal was always achieved. Many of my students ended up with great careers at various manufacturing companies including Pratt & Whitney.

@Tom VihvelinDid they say why? Atleast 2 overnight stays were probably reqired. A large show offers more diversity too. Did they write a report on the show?  Most importantly, what projects emerged from the experiment?

@Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Swaminathan

I was able to keep my students in our student chapter engaged and motivated with local industrial tours, guest speakers, fundraisers for charity, and studying for CMfgT exams. But the crown jewel that everyone was so excited about was our annual trip to the Eastec manufacturing trade show in West Springfield, Mass. It was an 8 hour car trip for us to get to the show, but I think for your students it would be maybe 5 hours.  MMTS would also be an excellent choice as previously mentioned.  Best of luck.


@Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Swaminathan
I see replies from Jan 24. Did you followup on all of them?  Did you find any helpful to your students ? Please let us know. Feedback is important for helping you. I would like to see comments from your students after suggestions are read to them. Getting them involved is the answer.  Please should responses as replies from each reply. Thank you.

Not this week, as I said students are on spring break, we can try on March 21st or 22nd, I will confirm early next week

@Puttagounder Dhanasekaran Swaminathan
Hi again, tomorrow Thursday and Friday afternoons should work. Let me know if you need more times next week. Bye. Charles