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Engineering begins with an engineer. Engineering also begins with a problem. 
I have a problem with the Engineering described in Patents. Who challenges Patent Engineering?
Patents should be written by Engineers and reviewed by Engineers. I have a Patent, written by a lawyer and reviewed by me as a technician. I have learned a lot since that Patent and today I see errors. I also read Patents of my peers from early days and see errors. 
As time goes on, we all learn new ideas and new information as it is published. 
I propose SME takes a note on this problem and helps new engineers by discussing old Patents with today's knowledge. If we don't do something, we are not applying and advancing what we know today. 
Does anyone else feel this way? 
I can look at the 3D Printing industry and see how it is advancing too slowly for the reasons I stated above. We do not start running before we can crawl or walk.  A Patent represents a new idea. Patents, like children, grown and should change. This discussion needs to be researched and published. Our government needs to give credit to inventors but allow Patent ideas to grow. Do you feel the same way? My Patant agent is stubborn and has his hands tied by policy. There has to be a better way.