New Lean Community!
 A new community has been created for the Lean world! It's a safe space to learn from one another, interact with each other as well as share stories, upcoming events or information you find valuable. Members of the Lean Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee are available to answer questions and participate in discussions. As the administrative side of certification, I will also be able to provide information, help in the certification process and with any requirements or questions you may have. Lean can be applied to all aspects of your life- from your own career to the organizations you work or participate in. Join our discussions or feel free to start one by sharing an experience, best practice or ways Lean has made an impact in your life. 
Click this link to join!

The Lean Alliance consists of SME, AME (Assoc. Manufacturing Excellence) and the Shingo Institute- with support from Catalysis and prospective endorsers. Each have representatives on the committee and strive to provide the gold standard in Lean certification- we are continually improving our programs and appreciate feedback from those who have certification or those who may want to start their lean journey.