Forklift through trailer floor
Looking to get some input from folks who know about loading and unloading trailers.  Been assigned to work on a joint task to help resolve a problem.  A forklift went through a trailer floor when it was being unloaded.  
Per the information given - 
Trailer inspection was conducted on the trailer floor.
Forklift on the upper weight limit, but within wt. capacity of the trailer. 
Trailer floor collapsed when picking up the last two pallets.  So the front end of the trailer. 

I looked up "Forklift falls through trailer" in you tube and found that this event is not new or uncommon. 

Any ideas on where to get some more information.  Has this ever happened at your plant? Besides the floor, what should the inspection of the trailer include?
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I had nearly the same happen to me. The simple answer is that the driver/trailer owner is responsible for his equipment. You are not responsible for his either inadequately designed trailer or so poorly maintained that the floor boards have rotted and given away.