Which Business Model?
Paul Cheng
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Dear Engineers, Managers:
I'm asking help from the community. W/out any sales pitch, FuseRing is radical new science. Flawless weld that applies to pipeline, refinery, shipbuilding, Submarine, Pharma / Food, Space and Rail.
Which is the appropriate business model to use? Multiple IPs + pending.
Enclose presentation at PowerGen Paris & NOLA. I used 3 options.
Low volume / high value ie Spent Nuclear Fuel Container Lids; power plant repairs
High volume / mid to high value ie Critical Sour, Hydrogen Pipeline, submarine hull
High Volume / mid to low value ie automotive parts, piping for new or refurbish ship building. Joining Rail & repair squats.
I'm asking a lot because there are several key variables that has not been established. The science is proven but I have not been able to assemble machine, deliver the data that ASME requires.
Paul Cheng
ps published SME.org Sept 2020 issue as guest editor. Article enclosed.
pps presenting to ASME Robotics Wednesday 26/May 3:30 - 4:00 pm. Lets talk after.
A Real Challenge Leads to New Science.pdf

.PowerGen Int FuseRing 19 - 21 Nov 2019.pdf