Thank You To Our President's Circle! 227

Thank You To Our President's Circle!

Earlier this year, SME re-introduced its President's Circle as part of its gamification feature on SME Connect. The President's Circle is part of the member referral program, which is designed to draw more members into SME and recognizes active members who have committed themselves to SME's growth by recruiting and sponsoring at least 10 new members. This program originally launched in 1984, and since then, over 1,200 SME members have participated. The higher the number of new members recruited, the higher the reward!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we'd shared the list of these loyal members who have recruited 10 or more members into SME.
Members' Names # of Sponsored Members President's Circle Level
Matthew Cotterell 296 Diamond
Ismail Fidan, PhD 287 Diamond
Mark Miller, PhD 249 Diamond
James Healy, LSME 247 Diamond
Eric McKell, PE 238 Diamond
Elaine Vavra, CMfgT 236 Diamond
Carl Williams, LSME, CMfgE 225 Diamond
Ronald Vander Weerd, CMfgE, LSME 203 Diamond
Ross Monroe, CMfgE 172 Platinum
Steve Dusseau 169 Platinum
Ralton Emory 166 Platinum
Rajendra Belokar 165 Platinum
Thomas Vanderloop 161 Platinum
Jeff Fuchs, LSC 158 Platinum
David Moulton 148 Gold
Deborah Robbins 135 Gold
Brad Fitzgerald 135 Gold
Zbigniew Prusak, PhD 124 Gold
Steve Adzanu 124 Gold
Gregory Neff, LSME, CMfgT, PE 121 Gold
Lloyd Lunde, CMfgT 115 Gold
Phillip Waldrop, PhD, LSME 113 Gold
Chris Cosby 107 Gold
Bruce MacKender 106 Gold
Cary Rosenberg, CMfgE 105 Gold
Iain Cameron, PE 105 Gold
Joseph Chen, PE 102 Gold
Greg Murray 99 Silver
Daniel Kandray 97 Silver
Tina Brudnicki 93 Silver
Stuart Hilton, PhD, CMfgT 91 Silver
Luis Sanchez, PE 85 Silver
John Tielemans 83 Silver
Gary Sweet, LSME, CMfgE 67 Silver
Mohammed Boudaia, CMfgT 64 Silver
Timothy Cooley, PE 63 Silver
John Sears, LSME, CMfgE 60 Silver
Roger Newhouse 58 Silver
Jack Day, CMfgE 52 Silver
Abayomi Ajayi-Majebi, PhD, CMfgE, PE 50 Silver
David Dejong 48 Bronze
Lisa Hix 47 Bronze
Jacob Lehman, CMfgT, CMfgE 45 Bronze
Yalcin Ertekin, PhD, CMfgE 43 Bronze
Ashok Agrawal 42 Bronze
Scott Danielson, PhD, PE 42 Bronze
Michael Mitchell 41 Bronze
Sherif El Wakil, PhD, LSME 40 Bronze
Natalie Lowell, CMfgT 40 Bronze
Janusz Romanski, PhD 39 Bronze
Travis Fralich, CMfgT 39 Bronze
Michael Geist 37 Bronze
Mulchand Rathod, PE 36 Bronze
Wayne Frost, LSME, CMfgE 34 Bronze
Sheldon "Skip" Marsh 33 Bronze
Torbjorn Bergstrom 33 Bronze
Ben Nwoke, PhD, LSME, CMfgE 31 Bronze
Timothy Bond, CMfgE 30 Bronze
Mohamed Gadalla, PhD 29 Bronze
Michael Timko, LSME, CMfgT 28 Bronze
Derek Yip-Hoi, PhD 28 Bronze
David Davidson 28 Bronze
Bob Johnson, FSME, CMfgE 26 Bronze
Claudia Wilson 26 Bronze
Perry Schultz, CMfgE 24 Bronze
Garret Hendrix, PE 24 Bronze
Farris Saifkani 24 Bronze
Alton Kornegay, PhD 22 Bronze
Ferdinand Salzmann, CMfgE, PE 21 Bronze
Tarun Gupta, PhD, LSME, CMfgE 20 Bronze
Howard Hale, LSME 20 Bronze
Subba Rao Potru, PhD, LSME, CMfgE 20 Bronze
Vincent Marzigliano 20 Bronze
Dennis Flattem 19 Bronze
David Vorst, LSME, CMfgE 19 Bronze
David Crandell, LSME 19 Bronze
Donald Patz 19 Bronze
Ross Kester, LSME 18 Bronze
Aaron Smith, PhD 18 Bronze
Manocher Djassemi, PhD, CMfgE 17 Bronze
Todd Szallay 17 Bronze
Stuart McRae 17 Bronze
Brian Holmes, FSME, CMfgE 16 Bronze
Ernest Hall, FSME 16 Bronze
David Bastl, LSME 16 Bronze
Harry Buhalis, PhD 16 Bronze
Austin Cheney, PhD, CMfgE, PE 16 Bronze
Iris Rivero, PhD 16 Bronze
Charles Gates, LSME, CMfgE 16 Bronze
William Butrum 16 Bronze
Joseph Kraft, LSME 15 Bronze
Edye Buchanan, CMfgT 15 Bronze
Kenneth Stromberg, CMfgT, LBC 15 Bronze
Richard Rook, LSME 15 Bronze
Barry Caudle, LSME 14 Bronze
Lewis Baum, CMfgE 14 Bronze
Tom Juell 14 Bronze
David Hoffa, PhD, CMfgT 14 Bronze
James Hamilton 14 Bronze
Zhenhua Wu 14 Bronze
Jerry Goldberg, LSME 13 Bronze
Charles Severance, LSME 13 Bronze
Cameron Willis, LSME 13 Bronze
Keith Gardiner, PhD, FSME, CMfgE, PE 13 Bronze
Mike Miller, CMfgE 13 Bronze
Dale Hutchinson 13 Bronze
Louis Papp, FSME, CMfgE 12 Bronze
John Le Baron, LSME 12 Bronze
Kevin Grow, CMfgT 12 Bronze
Doug Desroches 12 Bronze
Melissa Wheeler 12 Bronze
Kent Kohkonen, LSME 11 Bronze
Charles Lampman, LSME 11 Bronze
W. Ray Rummell, LSME, CMfgE 11 Bronze
Gregg Jones, CMfgE 11 Bronze
Charles Cox, FSME, CMfgE 11 Bronze
Robert Derga 11 Bronze
Mark Brinkerhoff, PE 11 Bronze
Jeffery Woodson, CMfgT 11 Bronze
Larry Targosh, CMfgE, CMfgT 11 Bronze
Steve Wenner 11 Bronze
Christopher Pung 11 Bronze
John Hand, LSME 10 Bronze
John Kilpatrick, LSME 10 Bronze
Kerry Tobin 10 Bronze
Shinichi Kimura, LSME 10 Bronze
Jenny Ono Suttaby, LSME 10 Bronze
Thomas Laviolette, PhD, CMfgE 10 Bronze
Michael Aznavorian, LSME 10 Bronze
Dick Tiano, LSME 10 Bronze
Harry Mundt 10 Bronze
Hwa-Soo Lee, PhD, CMfgE 10 Bronze
Christopher Brown, PE 10 Bronze
Denis Cormier, PhD 10 Bronze
Yuyi Lin, PE 10 Bronze
Louis Toutant 10 Bronze
Seiichiro Takayama, CMfgT, CMfgE 10 Bronze
Richard Picard 10 Bronze
Randy Raikes 10 Bronze
Gene Schultz, CMfgT 10 Bronze
Michael Miles 10 Bronze

How can you participate?

If you'd like to sponsor a new member:
  1. Ensure the person signing up for membership includes your name, member ID number or email address when signing up on to receive you receive your incentive.
  2. Sponsorship of 10 new members will result in being recognized with the bronze President's Circle badge on SME Connect and reward incentives.
Want to learn more about the Member Referral Program? Contact
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