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Reasons To Get A Business Loan 362

Saying that your business needs a loan can be met with different opinions among your peers. Many will say it's a bad idea, especially if you're a startup. Well, that's just the naysayers' opinion. In general, people feel that loans are bad for your business. However, that's not true at all.  There are many reasons you should take out a business loan to ...

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Special Message From WiM President Allison Grealis And Former SME CEO And Executive Director Sandra Bouckley 361

Women in Manufacturing President Allison Grealis and former SME CEO and Executive Director Sandra Bouckley recently teamed up to co-author an article celebrating Women's History Month.   March is Women’s History Month. This annual observation gives us the chance to honor the many contributions women have made to manufacturing throughout this ...

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SME Media Call for Nominations: 30 Under 30 359

This year, SME Media will again profile 30 young trailblazers, in its 30 Under 30. The main criteria for a nomination are: Nominees must be no older than 30 as of Dec. 31, 2021 People in the manufacturing business People doing manufacturing research People teaching manufacturing trades or manufacturing engineering Students (K-12 and above) ...

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Women Driving Innovation In Manufacturing 358

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day celebrate the contributions of female leaders and innovators both past and present who have had a positive impact on society and across industries. SME celebrates the achievements of women who have chosen a career in manufacturing and continues to drive our industry forward. In particular, we ...

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