Successful Merch Selling Tips For YouTubers 416

Successful Merch Selling Tips For YouTubers


YouTubers are the influencers of today. It is estimated that 80% of the world’s trends are influenced by YouTubers. There is not a single field of expertise or niche where YouTubers do not have a say in what is in and what is not.

As a YouTuber, you could make some serious money by selling your merch, but you need to be smart about it. Here are some tips on how to sell your merch and make tons of money on YouTube.

Use Merch Shelf

Merch shelf is a great tool for YouTubers who want to sell their merch. You will get an automatic Store tab in your channel. Although you are limited to only 12 products in this generated store tab, it could be used as a launchpad for a more complete store. 

To make your merch shelf a bit more appealing, you should invest time in designing a merch logo and a slogan that will label your products, among the others that are available. When it comes to marketing personal merchandise as a YouTuber, you cannot use enough tools to get the word out about your products. Trendy niches like online betting sports, gaming, cryptocurrency, etc., all use this tactic to boost sales. 

Link to your shop

As a YouTuber, you probably already have a shop to go with your channel. However, the shop will see very little traffic if you do not have direct links. In each of the videos you post, mention the products you want to sell and include a link in the video description that will navigate to your shop page. 

Ad blockers are a nuisance to YouTubers, especially if you use third-party apps and tools. This is why it is essential to place links in your descriptions together with promoting your products on your videos. 

Use your merch

Nothing says you have confidence in your products more than when you use them yourself. In all of your videos, where it is applicable, wear your branded merch, use your products and be a live demonstration of what the viewers can expect when they watch your videos. 

If you do not want to make your videos sound like an infomercial, wearing your merch is a great way to let the viewers know that the merch exists. Keep a close eye on your comments and look out for queries about the products you use and wear. 

Use promo announcements

Promotions are a great way to engage with your community and are easy to set up on your videos. Make sure that you plan the rollout of your videos early enough and remove the banners and other announcements from your social media feed as soon as the dates are no longer valid. 

Old info tells your community that you are not that active and probably will not get back to them on queries. You have to keep your finger on the pulse and keep track of all your promotions. 

Keep up with the trends

When it comes to merch, there are two main categories of trends that you need to keep track of. Firstly, you need to look at what the broad community is into. When you design your products, it allows you to draw a wider crowd and meet their needs. 

The second category is the niche-specific trend. The easiest way to keep abreast of what is going on in your niche is to see what other people are doing. If your channel and community are large enough, you might be able to become a trendsetter. 

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