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How AI is Changing the Customer Service Forever 404

The pace of change in customer service cannot be determined with the advancing technology, and that’s why so many companies are employing artificial intelligence on this end. They aim to keep the loyal customers happy and feel catered for by the company. Artificial intelligence works by automating most of the repetitive tasks that were once done ...

Added by James Snyder Blog Business Insights 11/29/2021
Managing Sales Numbers During the Seasonal Slowdowns 403

Seasonal slowdowns are a great challenge for every business, which can get handled easily following expert tips. Numerous researches on the topic list some of the most practical and easy to implement strategies for success. These techniques help every business maintain a steady cash flow even during dry seasons through improved marketing.  ...

Added by James Snyder Blog Business Insights 11/29/2021
Entertaining Your Kids after a Long Online Teaching Session 402

You want your kids to stay busy with entertaining and rewarding activities in their free time after they’ve spent time on their lessons. These activities should be something they look forward to, such as watching a movie, going on a nature walk, playing games, engaging in sensory play or listening to a podcast. You don’t have to spend too much money on ...

Added by James Snyder Blog Business Insights 11/17/2021
Benefiting from the Growth in Food Delivery and Takeaway Businesses 395

If you have money to invest but do not know in which industry to put your money, ask yourself what people cannot live without. Everyone needs to eat and as the world keeps getting faster and more sophisticated, people have less time for this essential.  The food industry, but more specifically, the takeaway and delivery industry, is booming, and your ...

Added by James Snyder Blog Business Insights 09/26/2021
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