Improving Employee Engagement With Workout Sessions 428

Improving Employee Engagement With Workout Sessions


Most employees spend long hours seated, putting their health at risk. Sedentary lifestyles could lead to health challenges like obesity, heart diseases, and hypertension. Lack of exercise could make employees less productive due to fatigue.

Companies that have an elaborate fitness program for their employees get many benefits. Exercise improves their health, and the company records fewer cases of employees who want to take sick offs. Fitness programs help improve workplace socialization, brand loyalty, and better internal communications. Here are ways to improve employee fitness programs.

Create time for exercise within the office premises

Many employees may lack time to go out and exercise due to work engagements. Over the weekends, they could engage with their families. When time constraints become an issue, you can bring the exercise program to the employees instead of leaving them to create their own time. There are different exercises employees can engage in within the office premises. You may designate an area for employee exercise. 

Along with exercise, you also need to create a good office lunch program with a reputed catering company. CaterCow delivers meals to offices to help employees save time for other activities. The employees get to choose their preferred meals. You get a chance to order the right amount of food to eliminate waste. All you need is to let your employees place the orders and submit them.


Dancing provides a lot of health benefits. Employees get better muscular strength. They develop greater endurance and motor fitness. Dance improves heart and lungs health considerably. It is a great way to manage weight and improve body flexibility, agility, and coordination. It does wonders for mental health, too – it pumps up the body, leading to better blood circulation. It makes people happy, and the general outlook towards work changes.


Meditation will help your employees gain a better perspective, especially when stressed. It helps them build skills for managing stress and improving self-awareness. During medication, the employee will focus on the present, helping them reduce negative emotions. Their imagination levels improve, enabling them to build greater tolerance and patience. 


The main benefits of yoga are improved balance, flexibility, and strength. The slow movements and deep breathing during a yoga exercise help increase blood flow and build stronger muscles. 

Functional training

Functional training focuses on exercises that train the body to perform work-related tasks. These are exercises such as push-ups, jumping jacks, walking lunges, jumping, squats, etc. 

Partner with a local gym

Your office might not have enough space for exercise. You can organize with a gym service provider located nearby. It should be a place where your employees can easily walk to the gym. If the office has enough space, you can arrange for the gym management to send its team to your office. The gym management will likely give you a special corporate package. 

Offer workspace flexibility

Traditionally, offices are designed so that employees sit the entire day. You can create a different option where employees can sit for a few hours and then change their position and work while standing. Arrange the office so that there will be standing desks to provide employees with an option to either work while seated or standing. 

Encourage the use of stairs

Sometimes what your employees require is not a vigorous change. Encourage your employees to use the stairs instead of the elevator. It can be challenging in the initial phases, but they will eventually get used. Stair climbing helps improve heart and lung function. Blood circulation improves, while reducing the chances of getting diabetes, hypertension, or heart diseases. 

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