Greater Charleston Chapter 430 is Awarded Platinum Status Medal for 2016 Accomplishments

Congratulations to the members of Chapter 430 for achieving Platinum Status for the fourth year in a row for accomplishments achieved during 2016. We are currently the only chapter to achieve this award four years in a row since the SME award program started in 2011. The Chapter set goals to maintain and improve each year and we continue to meet those goals. Our Platinum award was for success in the following categories: 
  • Professional Development, which includes not simply the number and quality of meetings held by the chapter, but how leaders are developed to continue the work of the chapter.
  • Communication to members and the community through passive (up-to-date website or social media page) and active means (email blasts, bulletins, phone calls).
  • Advancement in manufacturing, including interaction with other chapters and community outreach. 
Merit, such as submitting a best practice and net membership numbers.

It takes a great deal of effort to make an SME chapter successful. What is the definition of chapter success? While this means different things to different people, we have to look at what SME states about its purpose. Through its integrated strategic areas — events, publishing, membership, training and development, and the SME Education Foundation — SME acts as “the solutionist” to help manufacturing stakeholders overcome their challenges with innovative, practical solutions. SME is “Making the future Together.” Our local chapter's ability to both link members together and to disseminate knowledge can be considered one measure of success. These can be facilitated by effective communication and interaction with local manufacturing, schools, community, leadership development and best practices.
Blog Greater Charleston Chapter 430 12/07/2017 12:18pm EST

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