Why We Volunteer 18
Why We Volunteer
Why do members of Seattle Chapter 39 spend our time as volunteer leaders for SME? We do it for the students. The professionals looking to advance their knowledge in manufacturing and get recognized for their skills. The teachers who are trying to inspire and excite their high school and middle school students into careers in manufacturing.  The college and university students who are eager to lead the next 30 years of manufacturing. The high school and middle school kids making parts in their lab, learning about taking a concept and transforming it into reality. The elementary school kids whose curious minds are kindled by concepts we deem basic. We do it for them. They need inspired people to mentor them, to coach them, to make them look forward to going to work every day. 
We believe that volunteering for Greater Seattle Chapter 39 can be a highlight of your work history rather than just a footnote. The skills Chapter 39 volunteers cultivate in business and team leadership, project management, financial management, presentation skills, public speaking and business networking will help our volunteers establish their personal brands, and develop and demonstrate expertise that will make them stand out in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are many volunteer opportunities, from working as a student adviser to helping to plan a manufacturing tour to presenting a technical seminar to volunteering as a board or committee member.

For more information on how you can volunteer, contact our chapter chair, Matt Clegg at smechapter039@gmail.com
Blog SME Seattle Chapter 39 12/08/2017