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SME Houston strives to promote membership growth through plant tours, networking events and volunteer activities. We will share manufacturing knowledge through technical communities and webinars.

SME Houston is dedicated to being the knowledge hub and network for manufacturing professionals, companies and academics in Greater Houston area.
Mentorship Program
Engineers entering Houston's competitive job market need industry mentors now more than ever. If you're a Senior Chapter member in good-standing, 18 or over, and able to pass a background check, please consider registering with SME National as a mentor using the link below. 
Thanks in advance for making a difference in the next generation of engineers who will work and live in our community!

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Unable to attend local chapter events? Stay connected and engaged with the SME Virtual Network. Collaborate with like-minded professionals from around the globe using SME-specific channels on popular web platforms like Discord, YouTube, LinkedIn, ToolingU, and more. Follow the link below to learn more!
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Recent Topics

Jacob Rahdarian
Hello Everyone, It has been an exhilarating learning journey with SME Houston so far this year! One such event was ...
Jacob Rahdarian May '21
Thanks for the great demo! 

What are the most popular CAD/CAM software used in the industry, especially for ...
Weihang Zhu
This is Weihang Zhu, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology program at University of ...
Weihang Zhu May '21
Professor Zhu,

I just spoke to ownership of one of the Gulf Coast's largest forging operations. As they happen to be ...
Dear Jacob,

Thank you so much for the support! President Dan at ARC Specialties has kindly agreed to host our ...
Professor Zhu,

I'm glad to hear that, and also that you are effectively leveraging the network that comes with SME ...
Jacob Rahdarian
Hello Everyone, March was a busy month for us at SME Houston, as we held a few events aimed at increasing awareness of ...
Jacob Rahdarian Apr '21
Jacob Rahdarian
Arc Specialties- whose founder is a long-standing SME member-is a Houston-based manufacturer of advanced ...
Jacob Rahdarian Feb '21
Jacob Rahdarian
Hello! SME Houston Chapter 29 is pleased to invite all of our extended SME family to our upcoming webinar entitled, ...
Jacob Rahdarian Jan '21
Jacob Rahdarian
SME Houston, I implore you to sign up for Dr Tony Schmitz'-Professor of University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Joint ...
Jacob Rahdarian Jan '21
Did I mention the course is FREE? 

It IS!

All the best,
Ron Mueller
I am a SME member in chapter 29.  I am located on the NW side of Houston near 249 and the Beltway 8.  I'm reaching out for ...
Ron Mueller Aug '19
Good morning Ron,

I cross-posted your discussion thread yesterday in the general discussions area. Below is the ...
Ron Mueller ‍,
   I am curious on how your project went. Is it something that you think would be of interest to the ...
Kyle Smith
Hello Houston SME community, I'm starting to understand the value of a "Master Mind" group (as explained here ). ...
Kyle Smith Feb '18
Afternoon Kyle,  I am up for being in the group

Kelly Knake   713-907-5801

This seems like a great idea, SME can host locations for the mastermind meetings if you are interested.
Hello Kyle,
I'm interested in learning about Additive Manufacturing technologies and how they are being applied ...

If the offer still stands, I echo Dulce Almazan ‍'s interest in joining. I like the idea of engaging in a, ...

The SME Houston chapter is currently having discussions about scheduling a plant tour at a local ...
Bin Fan Bin Fan Jun '20
Kyle and Jacob,

I will join the 3D printing community if anybody can tell me how to join. I am eager to see all ...

It would appear that we certainly have enough interest to form a committee on AM if one does not already exist. ...
Marcos Villeda
If you have been wanting to see 3D printing up close and personal, here is your chance.  See you June 14th, starting ...
Marcos Villeda Jun '18
David Lee David Lee Jun '18

Marcos Villeda
Happy New Year Everyone.  Just testing out this new Discussions Platform.  If its working for you, write back
Marcos Villeda Jan '18
Kyle Smith Kyle Smith Feb '18
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