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 SME's Chapter Officers Community is a private community designed to offer volunteer leaders better access to their peers and the resources needed to oversee an SME chapter. This community is where you can share best practices and have in-depth discussions with other chapter officers and faculty advisors located throughout the world.

Current Chapter Officers should login (using the blue button at the upper right) to gain access to these resources. Note: If you are a current chapter officer and do not have access to this community, please email smeconnect@sme.org.

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SME's professional and student chapter officers are encouraged to utilize this community to network and learn from one another. Happy collaborating everyone!

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Dianna Helka
We have a new Membership brochure that we're excited to share with each of you. Please feel free to download the ...
Dianna Helka Aug '22

@Dianna Helka
This is wonderful! How can our chapter get printed copies to hand out?

Yes. How can we get digital downloadable links to post on our Chapter website and hard copies to distribute. 

Dianna Helka
Please check out the newest best practice that was recently shared by our Montreal Chapter 50.  In their best ...
Dianna Helka Jun '21

Hi @Dianna Helka

I thought to use this space to upload chapter 069's Best Practices. Chapter 069 - Best Practices - ...

Ralton Emory
SME Emerging Professionals - Fact Sheet.pdf
Ralton Emory Jun '22

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View resources just for chapter officers, such as annual validation forms, descriptions of officers' roles and responsibilities, best practices, marketing materials, organizational structure and much more. 
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