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Welcome New Members: Nov. 2022 450

During November, we were happy to welcome 93 professional members, eight emerging professionals and 100 students as new SME members. Please join us in welcoming them to SME and start networking today!  PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS Ihsaan Ajamu, Manufacturing Engineer, Ford Motor Sterling Plant TC05A  Bryan Albrecht, EdD, President & CEO, Gateway ...

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Welcome New Members: Oct. 2022 448

During the month of October, we were happy to welcome the following new members to SME. Please reach out to them by searching our member directory and adding them as a connection . You can also write a welcome message on their wall! EMERGING PROFESSIONALS: Peyton Jones, Manufacturing Engineer, Valmont Ind Inc. Catherine Varney, Continuous ...

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SME Member Spotlight: Zachary Bibik, CAM-F 445

What is the primary reason you joined SME? I joined SME as a high school senior when I was looking for scholarships to help me earn an engineering degree. My mother is an SME member and connected me with the SME Education Foundation scholarship opportunities. I was awarded the 2015 SME Education Foundation Family Scholarship. I would not have been able to ...

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Augmented Lean:  A Human-Centric Framework For Managing Frontline Operations 444

Whether on the shop floor assembling products or in the field troubleshooting equipment, industrial frontline workers stand at the core of manufacturing—and represent a sizable chunk of the productivity in any economy. They’re routinely tasked with delivering more, from faster product cycles to smoother global supply chains to meeting customer ...

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