Over 200 Students Participate In Mfg Day Event At Texas A&M

Manufacturing Day is a national annual event designed to inform the public and educate the next generation about the importance of manufacturing and its overall impact. On Oct. 4, 2019, a well-attended Manufacturing Day event was held at Texas A&M University — one of 67 events held throughout the state of Texas. This particular event was co-organized by Wayne Hung, PhD, ETID and faculty advisor of TAMU-SME student chapter; Marcos Villeda, chair, SME's Houston Chapter 29; and Shelly Tornquist, director of TAMU's Workforce Development Office.

Over 200 student members of robotic/engineering clubs and teachers from seven different schools in the region participated. They toured manufacturing facilities in the Zachry Engineering Education Complex and Thompson Hall where they were exposed to engineering activities, had information on financial aids opportunities at Texas A&M College of Engineering, including scholarship opportunities from SME, and gained invaluable knowledge of how manufacturing would shape the environment and society. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the event! Plans are underway for Chapter 29's 2020 Mfg Day event, so stay tuned. You can also view our photo gallery from the event below.

Zach Norwood (TAMU-SME), Alexis DeGraaff (TAMU-SWE), Wayne Mausbach and Marcos Villeda (SME Houston) interacting with student participants.

James Wilson, the general manager, shows manufacturing lab activity to student participants through a glass wall at the Zachry Engineering Education Complex.
Active discussion of student participants and TAMU engineering students on 3D printing.

A student participant admires the artwork of a 3D-printed model.

Mr. Hubbard, who completed an NSF-funded manufacturing training for teachers, brings his students to attend the Manufacturing Day.

Student participants listen to the technicality of 3D printing.
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