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Miguel Thomas 968
I am wondering if anyone has experience doing non-destructive testing of thick cross-section ceramic ...
Warren Hurd 18294
Which is more popular ANSI or ISO Engineering Drawings? Advantages, disadvantages?
Thank You
Dianna Helka 7

Can anyone assist with this question ...

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Krishna Vuppala
By Krishna Vuppala , Chair, Waterloo Chapter 186 Annually, the Waterloo chapter arranges transportation from Waterloo, Iowa, to FABTECH in Chicago. This year, we gathered a large group of professional and student members for a five-plus-hour snowy bus ride to Chicago as part of the FABTECH Member's Day event ! For anyone who hasn't attended FABTECH ... more
Posted by Dianna Helka on SME Connect Blog Jan 18, 2020 8:38 AM EST
2020 Life Members Blog Post
SME is happy to announce that 74 new members have joined the ranks as life members. Life member status is achieved after completion of a term of office as the SME president or when a member's age plus years of membership equals 100.  Life members are able to use the initials LSME (signifying “Life Member of SME”) following their name and receive dues-free ... more
Posted by Dianna Helka on SME Connect Blog Jan 17, 2020 5:00 PM EST