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When it comes to working within manufacturing, technology, and engineering, what advice would you give the 22 ...
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Hello SME Connect community!  Dixon Joseph ‍ is seeking some graduate degree advice. Please assist him, if ...

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To All:
My name is V.T. Wakefield, and I am conducting a survey sponsored by the Robert W. Plaster Graduate School of ...

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2020 Remington PL
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Denbigh High School Aviation Academy
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Meet 2020 SME President Dr. Susan Smyth


TW Energy Blog
Image Source Do you know how much of the electricity you pay every month is actually utilized to power your machinery? Well, it may be less than half because some of the energy could be escaping through energy hogs like inefficient equipment and leaky air compressors. The industrial sector accounts for at least one-third of all US energy use, which ... more
Posted by Tiffany Wagner on SME Connect Blog Feb 16, 2020 7:32 PM EST
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On Jan. 16, 2020, SME’s Ann Arbor Chapter 79 and Detroit Chapter 1 held a joint event with the University of Michigan’s Mechanical Engineering Department to host a 3DHEALS Detroit 3D Printing in Healthcare event. 3DHEALS Detroit connects innovators and early adopters in healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting and related technologies. This free event ... more
Posted by Dianna Helka on SME Connect Blog Feb 14, 2020 5:30 PM EST