5 Things For September

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How Metal 3D Printing is ‘Dramatically’ Changing the Industry — The metal 3D printing market could be worth $10 billion by 2030.

The roller coaster has its origins in Russian ice — Roller coasters race today for the titles of tallest, fastest and most death-defying, but the technology has changed little since the first ones in 15th-century Russia, writes Matt Blitz. These ice-covered wooden ramps gave way to wheeled carriages locked into wooden tracks centuries later, followed by the beginnings of the modern roller coaster in the early 20th century.

Shape-Shifting Material Changes with Heat and Light — The controllable, shape-shifting material could have applications in manufacturing, robotics, and biomedical devices.
Dexterous robot thinks for itself — Robots typically can be programmed to perform an intricate series of movements and tasks but can't figure out such things on their own. MIT's new Dense Object Nets, or DON, robot draws on its internal neural net and visual system to distinguish among different objects and learn on its own how to manipulate each.
MIT team tests solar-based de-icing tech — A team from MIT has developed a system for de-icing airplane wings, turbine blades and other industrial equipment. The technology stores solar radiation and uses it to melt ice without any chemicals or additives.

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