5 News Items You May Have Missed

Drone marks a first with vaccine delivery — In a breakthrough for drones, a vaccine was delivered for an infant in a mountainous section of Vanuatu that was otherwise inaccessible under the conditions needed for such a mission. The drone from Australia's Swoop Aero carried the vaccine in ice-packed Styrofoam boxes monitored electronically to ensure the necessary temperature was maintained. 

Solgami is an origami-style solar panel for apartment windows — Solgami is an origami-style solar panel that allows apartment windows to generate power. Created by an Australian architect, the device works as a window blind that uses thin-film solar cells with reflective inks while bringing more natural light inside.

Branch Technology 3D-printed house to break ground soon — Branch Technology is expected to start construction soon on a lattice-like, net-zero-energy structure in Chattanooga, Tenn., that has been billed as the first free-form, 3D-printed house. The structure will be built with 100 pieces of 3D-printed carbon fiber-reinforced acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS.

Mira Robotics plans to rent remote-operated laundry robots — Following the recent debut of its laundry-folding robot, Japanese start-up Mira Robotics has announced plans for a robot rental business that rents robots for help with the laundry.

Robotic Snake Could Speed Search-and-Rescue Missions — Researchers have developed a robotic snake with an origami-like design to aid in search-and-rescue missions. With snake-like movements, these robots offer a unique approach to navigating unstructured terrains and accessing narrow spaces.

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Posted by Dianna Helka on Mar 19, 2019 9:55 AM America/New_York