Industrial Visit To TVS Motor Company

SME VIT organized an industrial visit to TVS Motor Company's Hosur plant on Monday, the 25th of March. TVS is India's third largest producer and the second largest exporter of two wheelers.

With every single process in this 370 acre facility precise to the second, it comes as no surprise that this plant won the prestigious Deming Application Prize and TPM Excellence Award. During this visit, we were able to witness the production of the BMW G310R, GS310R and TVS Apache RR310 motorbikes, which are the products of a TVS - BMW strategic partnership. From being able to see Lean Manufacturing work in all its glory, to being able to interact with the best minds in the industry, this whole experience was truly extraordinary!

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Posted by Shravan Ramanathan on Mar 30, 2019 12:57 PM America/New_York